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Valerie Gascoigne-Kaimarama

Hello and welcome to my page!  I’m Valerie Gascoigne-Kaimarama – owner/operator of “GK Fit”.

In early 2013 I graduated from the Australian Institute of Fitness, with Certificates III and IV in Fitness Instruction and Personal Training.

However, many years before that was even a great idea, I had like most people spent most of my adult years on auto pilot as a full-time working wife and mother. Whilst I enjoyed sports and working out, I wasn’t always fully committed or consistent.  I have therefore gained and lost weight, been very fit and very unfit. I have eaten and not eaten, in accordance with countless diet trends and fads. I am stubborn and curious by nature and have been relentless in researching what fitness and nutrition systems work or don’t work best for me. I’ve been able to make vast improvements to the way my body looks, feels and functions as it ages, evolves and settles very comfortably into the woman I am happy to be.  I continue to strive and reach most of my personal and professional goals. “GK Fit” means all that – being healthy, fit and happy with your “self”.

I am passionate about healthy lifestyle choices and healthy mental belief systems – the two go hand in hand.  Add great functional fitness to the mix and we go to places we never thought we could, would or should ever go!. I have fitness delivery systems that are simply based on smart, relevant, challenging and sustainable exercise principles.

I hope to inspire and empower others to commit to their overall health and fitness through simple and effective exercise and lifestyle choices that promote and support wellness and living with better physical and mindful integrity, capability and purpose!

Group classes approx. 45 minutes duration. Small studio groups of 10 ensures you enjoy a more personal and friendlier ‘air‑conditioned’ training environment where you are closely monitored and assisted throughout your session. Contact Val direct to secure your place in any of the class options!

I think one should choose a personal trainer in the same way they would invest in a new pair of expensive training shoes.  Ideally your trainer should be reasonably ‘flexible’ and ‘fit’ well into your busy lifestyle.  Your trainer should make you ‘feel comfortable’ when you are together.  Your trainer should ‘enhance and improve’ the quality of your life by ‘benefiting’ you as you were led to believe.   Your trainer ‘should not injure you’ beyond what is to be expected with any training regime.  If your trainer is the ‘right fit’, you should find yourself eventually walking with a spring in your step as you enjoy the ‘quality and value’ of your investment!

Personal Training is indeed very personal and specific to your ‘personal’ health and fitness levels, needs and goals.   Clients seek personal training for any number of reasons, for example to –

  • lose excess fat
  • build more muscle mass and muscle tone
  • improve strength levels and muscular endurance
  • improve cardiovascular fitness and stamina
  • improve flexibility and functional mobility
  • improve post injury rehabilitation
  • enhance better lifestyle choices in conjunction with proper nutritional patterns
  • fight against the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle

– gain more, be more, enjoy more – of whatever they aspire to be more of, to feel  more of, to look more like and to learn more about the many other health and fitness benefits available to them!


After an initial 30-45 minute consultation meeting I will gauge relevant information to take you to the next step in your quest to be better than you currently are.  As your safety and wellbeing are paramount, in some rare cases I will seek a medical and health practitioner report.   I will design a fitness programme that best suits your current functional and general fitness levels.  As you progress, so too will your training techniques and methods progress to ensure sustainability of improved levels of fitness, motivation and ability.

Prior to your appointment with Val please download and complete these forms and bring them with you to your appointment.

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